CODI |8 July 2020 | Show 1

CODI |8 July 2020 | Show 1

Added Thursday 09 July 2020

Age Guidance: 12+ Duration 60 minutes

Your chance to catch up on the live stream broadcast from The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh on Wednesday 8th July 2020.

Take three top academics, three dangerous ideas, add one comedian and it’s the force of nature that is the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CODI).

Hosted by comedian JoJo Sutherland, and now in its seventh year, CODI is sixty minutes of rapid-fire research from some of the finest minds in the country.

Curated by the University of Edinburgh as part of Beltane Public Engagement Network and produced by Fair Pley, CODI moves online to a live stream compilation format, with a live Q&A through the Live Stream page chat box function.

‘A fascinating discussion' Broadway Baby

‘All of the CODI talks are designed to challenge their audiences' Lancet 

‘[T]here are no talks here which don’t promise to be hugely educational and thought-provoking’ List


Instagram hates women 

Instagram is notorious for posting ‘body-correction’ ads for skinny tes, waist-trainers, protein shakes and more, amongst the endless display of “perfect” body images.  Despite the growing #bodypositivity and #loveyourbody trends, mental health and body image in young people is at an all-time low. Dr Kat Rezai (Edinburgh Napier University) asks: Is Instagram responsible for a generation’s mental wellbeing? Does Instagram hate women? Or does it just hate our bodies? 

We Need to Talk About Alexa! 

Dr Mhairi Aitken (Newcastle University) is in a tricky relationship. Things started brilliantly; Alexa moved in right away. She always listened; was always keen to help. But now Mhairi suspects Alexa may be talking about her behind her back. Is she just using her to maximise the profits of a tax-evading multi-national corporation? Maybe. But even so, Mhairi quite likes the perks of having Alexa in her life…

Your scan is normal, goodbye. 

What if your leg was paralysed but the scans were normal, and doctors said there was nothing wrong? Professor Jon Stone (The University of Edinburgh) researches Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), a stigmatised cause of disability that is the second commonest reason to see a neurologist. Why are so many people made to feel that they are ‘making up symptoms’? And why is modern healthcare so badly set up to deal with these conditions? Can science heal age-old divisions between brain and mind, and between patients and healthcare professionals?

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