Stand on Demand is the latest venue – a virtual venue of the world famous Stand Comedy Club brand giving customers the chance to take part and join us anywhere in the world to view the best of the best.

It’s a Pay Per View streaming platform with no hidden costs or tomfoolery for customers or content creators alike. The service offers a curated programme of high quality content and offers the best deals for acts just like what happens at the real Stand Comedy Club venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

Stand On Demand want to start a revolution by not just offering quality and original content access worth paying for – but to also offer a conscious choice for customers who wish to support not just content providers but an entire industry network where funds can be shared fairly and directly rather than the need to work with large corporations to make it happen legally.

Ultimately, we want to support the future of live comedy events for whilst giving the best financial support deal to acts in their industry to help enable more creative projects.

The Stand Comedy Club hope that you will join us on the opening journey and beyond as our new virtual venue platform grows.

Stand On Demand is the new home of Stand online comedy content.

Available to you soon will be the best in Live, Improv, Sketch, Tour, Kids, Compilation, Fringe and Spoken Word shows for you to choose from.

The service is growing.

Customers can create an account, or use an existing Stand login to access content by visiting our Login Page. You'll also be automatically directed here when making a purchase: Login

Booking fees are not charged for these products and no subscription is required. Customers only pay for the exclusive content they choose.

We understand how subjective comedy and any type of content can be for a customer and never want to disappoint. Stand On Demand want to offer good value products which are conscientious choices for customers. Purchasing from us means that more money goes directly to content providers and in turn supports a number of involved industries enabling more creative projects.

Stand On Demand offer Fixed Price and Pay What You Can tickets.

Fixed Price
Ticket prices are agreed with content creators and agents in advance. There is no discount or promotional codes for tickets on the service currently.

Pay What You Want

Pay What You Want tickets give you the chance to pay what you can afford. Stand On Demand, content creators and agents understand that not everyone can pay to see their favourite at all times - or maybe just want to test something out first. We'd still love you to be part of the crowd so all we ask is that you offer an amount which you are comfortable with.

If you are Paying What You Want for a live event you can also top up by using the on screen donation button. There is of course no pressure to use the feature.

As they say, the more the merrier - your support and attendance will always be invaluable.

There is no discount or promotional codes available for tickets on the service currently.

Stand On Demand aim to offer fair pricing to customers and content creators.

Please remember that some of our events have Pay What You Want availability.

Stand on Demand is only available as a Live Stream or On Demand rental streaming service and will not offer download functionality to prevent unauthorised sharing and piracy.

Stand On Demand has cross device compatibility and can be accessed via any device with a web browser.

If you wish to cast Stand On Demand content please refer to the usual method of casting as per your browser.

All refunds are at the discretion of Stand on Demand and associated service providers.

Refunds will generally only be considered should you request one for a Live Stream event ticket which has a limited capacity (allowing another customer to opportunity to view) or should you have proven technical difficulties which are a foreseeable fault of Stand On Demand. Refunds cannot be provided due to an issue with your own viewing device. Please use our contact form and provide as much detail as possible to take any query up directly with Stand On Demand. Please note that queries may take up to 5 working days for a resolution.

Stand On Demand will only hold on to your created Customer Account data as supplied by you. Stand On Demand (nor The Stand Comedy Club) will sell or share your data with any other company.

Your supplied information will allow you to login, make purchase and see the content you have bought.

Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Yes. All Stand On Demand content will have an age restriction and/or warning on the listing page. Please take this advice under careful consideration before making your purchase. Stand On Demand cannot be held responsible for the viewership of content once your rental is confirmed.

On Demand offers rental streamed purchases.

When you rent via On Demand you have 24 hours to watch it and the chance to watch the content twice before your access expires.

On Demand screenings are available for a limited period of time so check them out before they change and the service grows.

You can find your On Demand purchases by visting the subscriptions page.

Live Stream events are exclusive and unique events which give you the chance to interact with a and be part of the crowd no matter where you are in the world. Some advertised events have a limited capacity as a virtual venue and early booking is recommended.

Live Stream access is available when logged into your account wirh a valid ticket purchase to the advertised time and date of your choosing.

Stand On Demand is built to only allow one device access at any one time.

When you are watching a Live Stream event, you have the chance to interact with the stream via a chat window by logging in with your Twitter of Facebook account. Any chat interactions you have will not post to your social media stream. Stand On Demand do not store your chat data should the live event be uploaded to the On Demand service at a later date.

If you would like to offer your support to the acts on screen, you can select the ‘Donation' button on the top right of the screen and easily make a donation to help support your favourite acts or cause. The donation screen offers minimal viewing disruption and won't require you to log in or out.

We advise arriving in time for the advertised start of the however should you be late, it's not a problem just join in as soon as you can.

Please get in touch with details using our contact form

Stand On Demand available content is copyright of the content provider and affiliated parties as advertised on any piece of media content listing.

Stand On Demand operate a fair policy of pricing and deals for content creator acts.

Stand On Demand strictly forbid the copying or downloading of content and no download feature is available to prevent ease of transfer.

Stand On Demand ask that all users respect the service which is built to support the comedy and arts industry achieve the best and fairest deal possible whilst allowing custom from around the world.

Should any users be found to be in violation of contradicting fair usage, infringe or contravene copyright, an automatic ban will take place.